Kristofer Knight

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Kristofer Knight - Magic Consultant / Light and Sound Tech

Kristofer has been my right hand man in magic for the past 5 years. An excellent Magician in his own right, he has been the backbone of my show. As a Magic Consultant Kristofer brings an incredible amount of knowledge of Mentalism and Close up Magic. Through his advice, Kristofer balances out my show and has a keen sense of what looks good on stage and what will or will not work. Kristofer is an excellent Magician/Mentalist and if you ever get the chance to catch one of his shows you will be in for a treat. His quiet dry humor is what I like to call a thinking man's humor and he will have you rolling with laughter. Kristofer, I salute you my friend, YOU ROCK!


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Aidan - Stage Crew

Aidan is Craig's son and his dad is excited to have him on board helping with the shows.Aidan began working with his dad in a mini-bike appearance illusion at the ripe age of 8 years old and has been helping behind the scenes since. Craig says “I love the fact that I can work with my son and show him the ropes and the secrets behind the curtain, He may not pick up the mantle of being a magician, but having Aidan around is fun and I love working with him.” Aidan loves singing, performing, art, shooting, archery and animals, especially his fat cat Callie


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Brian - Stage Crew

Brian has been with The Magic of Craig Campbell since 2012 He is our heavy man and jack of all trades. He has a background in Theatrical Stage Crew.


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Light and Sound Tech / Stage Manager

Alyssa is our newest crew member, joining our ranks in 2015. Alyssa comes with an extensive knowledge of Stage Direction, Management and Producing. She Attended Herriman High School, Class of 2014 (FBLA President and attended 2 National Competitions, #1 on the Girls' Golf Team and made the All State Team) Her nickname is "Smalls" and she enjoys working hard and making things successful. Alyssa Loves her job and most importantly she LOVES MAGIC!